Friday, April 18, 2014

Joyeux anniversaire

Yesterday, April 17th, was Jean Louis', my incredible father- in- law's, 70th birthday. He had prepared a few snacks for the aperitif and we popped a bottle of Champagne to celebrate..and with dinner a really nice Aloxe-Corton. For such a milestone year, it was very low-key with just 4 of us, but that's only because he's going to have a blow-out weekend with his brothers and sisters and friends in a few weeks. When I say blow-out, I'm not kidding, he's reserved a private room at a fancy restaurant and has been meeting with the chef to come up with the perfect menu for his official celebration. 

Of course, it being his birthday didn't stop Jean Louis from cooking a fantastic dinner. Among answering all the phone calls from all over France, he managed to prepare ratatouille and roasted duck for dinner. I've had Jean Louis' famous ratatouille many, many times, and I noticed yesterday it tasted different. It was SPICY! I, of course, commented on the fact and Jean Louis said that he did it for me, using the packet of Fiesta taco seasoning that I had left at their house. I thought it was a very sweet gesture, it wasn't my birthday after all, but I also think that being nice to me wasn't his only motivation. I'm convinced that Jean Louis is a spice/Tex-Mex convert! If you look at the food in the picture, you might notice a jar of salsa in the middle and the guacamole toasts. While I'm very pleased that Tex-Mex empire is expanding, it's even more exciting to see proof that it's never too late to try new things.

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